Hi there

My name is Micheal
I first started as a flash games website hosting all types of flash games.
I see that the games that were out there back in 2000 was not that great so i started to learn and make flash games.

After about 5 years i see that the flash games was missing something,
in the way of competing against each other,
so i started to learn PHP and mysql for PostNuke program,
and made a league system where players could work there way up the league.

As you can see i like to learn new things and do the best i can.
I do this mainly as a hobby and to challenge myself to learn.

I’v been programming in PHP for about 30 years now and wanted to learn something else new,
Then i see that a lot of the games i have played on xbox and playstation are made with unity,
so now i am learning unity.